Summit Professional Education Doubles Speed & Accuracy of Order Entry with SEMtek and Informer

Summit Professional Education (SPE), a global training company whose focus is to develop and deliver dynamic, relevant, and highly useful educational content to professional audiences, manages thousands of events annually with over 60 instructors. SPE had been using a custom-made Access® database as its backend system and a commercial registration system for order management. Lack of data integration was a huge issue. 

SPE turned to Entrinsik to provide an integrated solution that would deliver the real-time insight they needed to grow the business. Entrinsik's SEMtek ERP software drives many of the nation's largest professional and continuing education profit centers incorporating best practices of event planning, registration processing, event fulfillment, event financial management, and direct marketing methodology into one comprehensive solution.

"We needed a system that handled all of our logistics as well as our customers (over 100,000) that we could trust and could provide us with a versatile reporting solution”, said Jeff Watjen, CEO at Summit Professional Education.  "We had to manually merge systems weekly (if not daily) and the margin of error was big". SEMtek enabled SPE to eliminate unnecessary extra process steps as well as the need to double and triple check data that was otherwise in multiple locations. 

Also critical for SPE was a reporting environment that would provide information about marketing response rates and purchasing trends.  "We did that analysis prior to implementing Informer but it was a much longer, manual and less accurate method", says Watjen.  

With Informer, SPE now has a web-based reporting solution designed specifically for  ease of use by end-users to access and display information stored within their SEMtek database and any other database they real time. 

“SEMtek and Informer have optimized our standard reports as well as given us the ability to create more, all in less time.”


Located in RALEIGH NC.

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