U2UG 2011 Elections are Open.

The elections for the 2011 Board Members are upon us. Has it really been another year?

So once again, we are seeking enthusiastic individuals to join us on the U2UG Board.

So just what do board members get up to?

Every fortnight we have a meeting via conference call with key members of Rocket Software to discuss the product direction.

We develop educational materials and resources for the U2 community.

We steward the user lists.

We run the Better and Better site.

... and anything else YOU can bring to the party ...

Yes, YOU. We need you. And if you think you're too busy - so are we all!

So if you can spare a little time to represent YOUR community, or you know someone else who you would like to represent you, we want to hear from you.

Please send an email to:


You can nominate yourself or another member of the U2 User Group.

RSUG - Rocket Software User Group

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