Kore Technologies introduces the next phase of Integrated ECommerce.

Kore Technologies announced its new KommerceServer eCommerce Suite Release 5.3; an integrated solution for B2B and B2C websites. The new release features a redesigned content management system, new security features, new shipping and credit card options and advanced document management.

KommerceServer is designed to integrate to any back office system with Kore's Kourier Integrator product. The integration reduces data errors, saves time and reduces labor costs for web administrators. "We strive to provide a blended solution, with seamless back office integration and flexible content management capabilities. This results in a rich user experience and more effective sales channel for our clients," said, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Ken Dickinson.

KommerceServer eCommerce Suite includes a robust webStoreFront, a webPortal and web Administrator module, as well as a Mobile edition. Its framework and content management system provide support for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) environments.

Kore Technologies

Located in San Diego CA.

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