Ladybridge Systems Released version 3.3-2 of QM

Release 3.3-2 of the QM MultiValue Database is now available for download. This is a minor release containing items requested by our users plus some minor bug fixes.

  • The command stack editor now includes a command .C- to undo an immediately preceding .C operation.
  • The L conversion code now has an option to count display width instead of characters on ECS mode systems.
  • The MCN and MC/N conversion codes now have an option (MCN- and MC/N-) to treat a leading minus sign as a numeric character.
  • The QUERY.STR.COMP.ALL setting of the OPTION command causes all relational operators applied to right aligned data items to be performed as string comaprisons.
  • The QMBasic FOR EACH loop construct has been extended to allow specification of an alternative delimiter character.
  • The QMBasic SIGNAL() function and corresponding SYSTEM(1062) function allow creation of simple cross-process signalling mechanisms such as might be useful to shut down a phantom process.
  • The QMBasic TRIMW() function trims whitespace characters. On ECS mode systems, this is in line with the Unicode definition.
  • A configuration option has been added to ban creation of private QMNet server definitions that have the same name as a public definition and could therefore weaken security by redirecting a connection.
Ladybridge Systems Ltd

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