ONgroup Delivers FREE Production-capable MultiValue with MVON Express

ONgroup Intl now delivers their flagship MVON product with SQL Server Express. Both organizations and individuals can receive the product with the new $0 annual license.

ONgroup has completed one MVON Express Tour with the second underway. "We saw greater success than anticipated, with at least one Tour participant already deploying an application using MVON Express," said Charles Stauffer, President and CEO of ONgroup.

MVON SQL Server and MVON Oracle customers often use MVON to migrate their existing MultiValue applications to a SQL DBMS. Customers rely on ONgroup for smooth integrations because of the experience gained from 66 distinct product ports to date.

With MVON Express, a VAR can migrate an application or a single customer. A company can add a satellite system to their core MultiValue application, without swapping out their primary DBMS but with $0 in annual license costs for the SQL Server Express and MVON MultiValue layers. Consultants and third parties can develop both internal applications and products using MVON Express.

For more information regarding ONgroup's ONware products and the opportunity to apply for the next MVON Express Tour or to try MVON SQL Server or MVON Oracle visit

Product availability is FREE MVON Express working with FREE Microsoft SQL Server Express!

ONgroup Intl

Located in Pensacola FL.

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