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Day after day, day after day,
We debug, nor breath nor R&D;
As idle as an end user.
Upon a painted data stream.
Information, Information everywhere,
and all the resources did shrink.
Information, Information everywhere,
and not a bit to read!

Ok, ok… who wants to read that poem again, although there are two versions out there that many of us can relate to:


While you many not want to read a new version written for IT, or data resources, it points out a shortcoming that many different members of the MultiValue community have been trying to address for years.

Resources! Resources! Where can you find them? Where do I get the training needed for new developers?

Now, the resources exist, but they are spread out all over the place and are found in forums and web archives. Enter

We are continuing to compile and index information found on the web, as well as articles and resources from Spectrum authors, magazines, and tech materials.

In order to help provide you with easier access to materials you may find of interest, we have introduced the "My Membership" section of the web site. This will provide you a place to bookmark articles on the web site and see other articles and materials that may be of interest to you. Go to

The "My Membership" page (fig. 1) will also allow you to access and update your membership profile information, such as email addresses, mailing address, and database or software you are interested in.

From the Inside - SeptOct 2010 - Figure 1

Fig. 1

We will continue to enhance this information to provide you more and valuable information, so make sure you take a look and update it today.

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Nathan Rector

Nathan Rector, President of International Spectrum, has been in the MultiValue marketplace as a consultant, author, and presenter since 1992. As a consultant, Nathan specialized in integrating MultiValue applications with other devices and non-MultiValue data, structures, and applications into existing MultiValue databases. During that time, Nathan worked with PDA, Mobile Device, Handheld scanners, POS, and other manufacturing and distribution interfaces.

In 2006, Nathan purchased International Spectrum Magazine and Conference and has been working with the MultiValue Community to expand its reach into current technologies and markets. During this time he has been providing mentorship training to people converting Console Applications (Green Screen/Text Driven) to GUI (Graphical User Interfaces), Mobile, and Web. He has also been working with new developers to the MultiValue Marketplace to train them in how MultiValue works and acts, as well as how it differs from the traditional Relational Database Model (SQL).

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Sep/Oct 2010