From The Inside Nov/Dec 2010

Changes are a coming, if you have not already seen them. As your businesses start increasing IT spending for automation projects, your work load and technical information requirements are increasing.

Here at International Spectrum, we are providing the information you need to help with your technical information requirements. If you haven't noticed yet, the Spectrum web site has been changing over the last year to provide more tools, software, and technical information to you.

There are more technical resources on the site, easier access to the magazine, and you'll now find ways to bookmark commonly referenced materials. We will be including some helpful tools and utilities on the web site as well.

As we increase the information on the web site, you'll also notice changes to the IS 2011 Conference. Yes, we are starting to plan the 2011 Conference, as it is quickly approaching.

The 2011 conference will be a little different from what we have done in the past. Not only are we in Florida this year, with hopefully warmer weather, but we will be changing the format a little bit to provide you with a better experience and more information.

I am working with my speakers to produce more labs and hands-on demonstrations than in the past. This will allow you to practice what you learn, as well as ask more questions outside the time constraints of the initial training session.

I have always been a big fan of the professional networking when attending the conference as a developer, and then as a speaker. I feel this is one of the most productive and valuable times of the conference. With that in mind, we will be offering many opportunities to talk with your fellow attendees, both at the conference and after the conference.

Since we know that you don't always get a chance to see or talk with everyone when you are at the conference, we are developing a virtual component to the conference as well.

The virtual conference will allow you to review materials that will be presented at the live conference, find out who is attending, and post questions for speakers and vendors to answer when at the Live conference. The Virtual Conference will start a few weeks before and end a few weeks after the Live conference. This will allow you to retrieve materials and talk with those people that you didn't get a chance to talk to or want more information from.

You will be able to see, download, and interact with vendors before and after the conference using the Virtual exhibits.

At the Live Conference, you will be able to see a quick overview of what the vendors have to offer before the exhibit floor opens during our vendor "Speed Dating". With these quick five minute overviews of what each vendor is offering, you can easily pinpoint the people you want to talk with, or which 50 minute product demo sessions you would like to attend.

As we get closer to the end of the year, you will find more and more changes and new features that will help make your job easier. Don't miss out on valuable information, resources, and solutions.

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Nov/Dec 2010