Nov/Dec 2010

MultiValue Industry's End of Year Recap

2010 has been a challenging year with most companies and organizations adapting to new economic conditions, revising business strategies, and, as always, striving to do more with less. Even given the difficult environment, many companies have been creating a number of successes. We asked some of our MultiValue partners to tell us about them.

JSON For Your MultiValue Web Site

Due to the nested nature of our MultiValue data, many developers are now familiar with XML and use it in their applications. However, there is another standard data-interchange format that provides the same nesting and associating abilities that makes the data readily available to other languages. Lighter weight and preferred by many Ajax developers, JavaScript Object Notation can become another valuable tool for use in your MultiValue-based web applications.

Pavuk Internet Development Framework v2.0: Part 2 — Pavuk Elements

Pavuk Internet Development Framework was introduced and overviewed in Part 1 of this series. This installment starts delving into the details of application development using the Pavuk IDF by discussing how to define and use one of its main building blocks — Pavuk Elements.

Business Tech: Print Media — Part 3

Print media’s everincreasing use of electronic means of publication is making a major impact on the business model of publishing. Lower production and delivery costs, increased channels and fewer barriers to getting published, and the promise of a richer user experience as we move away from purely static print to more interactive forms are all benefits resulting from the shift. It is not, however, without it’s problems. For example, how can content producers get paid enough to make a living, and how do they avoid getting ripped off?