From The Inside May/June 2010

Well, the International Spectrum 2010 User and Developer Conference (Spectrum 2010) is over, and well… it was as successful as ever.

Spectrum 2010 had many of its trademark events, as well as a few new ones. The session schedule was packed with education and how-to workshops, along with a few case studies.

We started with the welcome address, and then went directly into our two hour workshops and then the how-to educational sessions on Monday and Tuesday. During the welcome address, I talked about the upcoming enhancements to the Spectrum resources web page, including the Mobile Conference Guide ( that would help attendees schedule their time.

Several attendees and speakers were tweeting during the conference. You can find this tweet history from us at: , and see the history from others by searching "#is2010". I was also posting on the International Spectrum Facebook page at:

The hot topics this year seemed to be Virtualization, Business Intelligence, and Mobile-enabling MultiValue data. One of our speakers actually created an iPhone webapp within hours of attending one of the sessions on iPhone Development ( ).

We received a lot of good feedback from the attendees this year. Check out the 2010 feedback article in this issue.

I would like to thank our sponsors again for their support:

  • Intersystems
  • Entrinsik
  • Pavuk Technologies
  • LadyBridge Systems
  • Northgate Information Solutions
  • Revelation

Our closing night party was our award night for the International Spectrum Awards. The nominations for the "New Technologies and Solutions Award" were Entrinisk, Pavuk, and SnupIt. The award was presented to Entrinisk.

The nominations for the "Most Valuable Professional (MVP)" were Dave Peters of Rocket U2, Rod Owens of Ashwood Computer Solutions, and Bruce Jamilkowski for Mouser Electorics. The award was presented to Rod Owens of Ashwood Computer Solutions.

Unfortunately some of our international attendees got stuck in Colorado again care of the Iceland volcano.

We look forward to Spectrum 2011. For those wondering where that may be, we are looking at Florida at this time. I wonder what kind of extreme weather we will have in 2011?


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