May/Jun 2010

2010 International Spectrum Conference Feedback

In previous issues we have usually published a recap of what happened at that year’s International Spectrum Conference, sometimes giving a summary of the various sessions. These days, that information is available on the web site. So instead of repeating it, this year we focused on the attendess and asked some of them what they thought.

Business Tech: Marketing – Part 3

Most people know that businesses try to brand their products and services. And when they present them to the world, they usually slant the message is a particular way. These are examples of what is known in marketing as modification.

OpenXML – Part 2: Reading Data from Excel

After presenting in part 1 an overview of Microsoft’s OpenXML format and packaging, and how it is used to format a Word Document, this second article in the series moves on to Excel Spreadsheets. XDOM and Xpath from Basic, anyone?

Connecting To QM Using SSH

What do you do when you want, need, or are required to provide secure sessions to your database server? Telnet won’t do, so most people switch to SSH. But how do you accomplish this if your database doesn’t talk SSH? Here is how one company solved it using FOSS tools.