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Zumasys, Inc

Website: http://www.zumasys.com

Zumasys helps companies of every size transition their infrastructure and applications to the cloud. With Zumasys cloud services, customers can easily access the latest software and hardware technologies over the Web, allowing them to focus on growing their core business instead of managing their IT infrastructures. Zumasys delivers personalized service, integrated disaster recovery and the confidence companies need to outsource the hosting of all their databases including SQL, Oracle and Pick MultiValue systems.

In 2014, Zumasys acquired a string of MultiValue software technologies including:

  • AccuTerm - The leading Windows/Mobile connectivity solution for the Pick Market with more than 16,000 customers worldwide. Pete Schellenbach is now Zumasys' Director of Product Development.
  • MultiValue Dashboard - Originally developed by The Nerdery and re-launched in 2014, MultiValue Dashboard allows you to quickly and easily build web-based dashboards using traditional Pick programming methods.
  • OpenQM - Zumasys announced an Exclusive Worldwide Distribution and domestic support/maintenance arrangement for OpenQM, a cost-effective, efficient, high-performance database to run Pick applications.
  • jBASE - Zumasys acquired jBASE database from Temenos, based in Geneva Switzerland. Its contemporary architecture allows Pick-based applications to natively interact with the underlying Windows or Unix operating system, and store data in SQL Server, Oracle and the cloud.


The MultiValue Database Developers and User Conference 2018

Destin, FL
April 23rd-26th 2018


Zumasys is one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the US. We offer innovative software solutions that enable customers to preserve decades of investment in custom applications, including MultiValue databases, while embracing the modern features todays users demand. Our proven cloud platform is optimized for high-performance business applications, accounting software, and legacy ERP systems. With Zumasys, you get access to the industrys best technologies with in-house, personalized support from a team of experts you can trust.


Title: Modern RESTful Development with MV Connect
Speaker: Patrick Payne
Zumasys, Inc
Date/Time: Monday 4:30 PM-5:30 PM
Room 2

Join Zumasys Technical Evangelist Patrick Payne for this interactive discussion on how modern Web frameworks can integrate with your Pick MultiValue system. See a live demonstration using tools such as Visual Studio Code and Zumasys’ RESTful services (MV Connect) which allow you to map Pick records directly into objects. Among other things, these can be accessed by visualization solutions such as Microsoft’s popular Power BI. Walk away with a good understanding of the incremental steps to reuse the same RESTful services to build Web applications that leverage your existing MultiValue code.

Title: AccuTerm Update
Zumasys, Inc
Date/Time: Tuesday 9:30 AM-10:30 AM
Room 1

Find out about the newest enhancements in AccuTerm 7.2, which is available now as a free download for all AccuTerm 7 users. Plus, get ready to eliminate hung ports with AccuTerm 8 and preview AccuTerm Web, the browser-based version of AccuTerm coming out later this year.

AccuTerm 8 includes ReZume which will reduce your IT support headaches (and keep your users happy) when those dreaded network hiccups occur. AccuTerm ReZume will provide session persistence and auto-reconnect to eliminate lost sessions and hung ports. Be sure to attend this popular session for some exciting announcements that will energize your MultiValue experience!

Current News:


  • Case Study: Clarke Transport Migrates to jBASE

    At the heart of Clarke Transport's UK business is a powerful transportation management system written in Pick BASIC. After hiring a series of new developers, Clarke Transport decided to embrace jBASE for its native Windows capabilities, which makes it easier for programmers without MultiValue knowledge to master the environment.



9245 Research Dr.
Irvine, CA 92618

Phone: 949-334-0287



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