A MultiValue application platform for developing fast, flexible and secure applications

Organizations rely on Rocket UniData, a best-in-class of the MultiValue application platform, for scalable business apps that can evolve as needs change. As a stable, secure, fast data server engine with high availability and low administrative overhead, Rocket UniData is ideal for rapid development using modern tools. On-premises or in the cloud, UniData serves nearly a million users worldwide.

Performance by design

  • A unique and resilient architecture delivers performance advantages compared to traditional SQL databases
  • variable length records and tables within tables simplifies database design, eliminating the constraints of SQL normalization
  • using direct-read capabilities that result in fewer I/O operations than required by SQL, UniData is faster than many other databases
  • variable length records mean less data is transmitted within the entirety of the system which translates to:
    • more responsive mobile applications
    • more efficient replication (for disaster recovery, high availability and more)
  • Rapid development means rapid returns

    UniData includes multiple, easy-to-use programming languages (including Python) with multiple standard supplied interfaces (Node.js, .NET, Java, ODBC, JDBC, RESTful via JSON) for multi-tier solutions. Accelerate your teams productivity by selecting the best development tools based upon your staffs capabilities.

    Security is paramount

    Rocket embeds the most effective security standards for encryption technology deep within the data server, so your data is secure no matter its location, and whether in-transit or stored on disk.

    • SSL/TLS secures connections to the MultiValue server and encrypts data in transit for protection from snooping or eavesdropping. Third parties can also validate and accredit our cryptographic modules for FIPS 140-2 compliance.
    • Automatic data encryption ensures only trusted users with the encryption key can view data. Stolen data is rendered useless without the encryption key.
    • UniData also offers role-based security for users accessing the application. Required DBA maintenance to implement and maintain these capabilities is simple and efficient.
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