Phoenix 2019 - 8th to 11th April, 2019

Event Schedule: Sessions for April 10th

Wed 07:30 AM

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Encryption in your data isn’t just an option any more. There are many Regulation and Compliance issues that affect business applications these days. This session will cover not just the "how to" setup and implement database encryption, but best practices for implementing encryption, PCI Compliance, and Health compliance.

If you use MultiValue Retrieval in any aspect of your job (end-user or developer) you need to understand what is happening in your file dictionaries. During this session you will learn how to read and write dictionaries, understand the various dictionary structures and how they process. We will cover what each line of the dictionary does, how to convert data and create calculated dictionaries.

The PICK A and S type dictionaries will be covered in this session, as well as the corresponding INFORMATION I-Type dictionary items.

Get an Introduction to Python programming. This session will cover syntax and structures and how they relate to languages you already know.

Bootstrap can help you build a responsive website and speed your web development. This session will help you understand how to leverage this framework to build mobile-first projects and show integration with your MultiValue data driving changes to the look of the website.

Most MultiValue databases contain modern features that are not difficult to implement. This session will go through many of those features and how you can leverage those features in your MultiValue database.

PROC is dead, Long Live PROC! This session will cover PROC; how it is used, and how it is structured.

Whether you are using JAVA, .NET or another desktop language, you are likely interfacing with your MultiValue database incorrectly.

Interfacing applications effectively with a database requires developers to split much of the process between the database and the client. In this workshop, we will talk about how to design effective client/server/database interfaces using a MultiValue database.

Docker is a $1 billion software startup and the leading enterprise-ready container platform. This session will demonstrate how you can use Docker, Kubernetes and other container technology to both assist in jBASE development and deploy to production. This session will introduce you to Docker technology, how you can quickly build test environments and review exciting new features in jBASE—Dynamic Objects and Dynamic Files. We will demonstrate how jBASE native C code can easily integrate with container technology. This will include Transaction Replication, simple clustering, and RESTful cluster deployment.

If you use Outlook, then you should have a task window that displays each email’s customer information without the user having to look it up in your MultiValue Application. Lean how to create and use addins to extend outlook to be more useful to your business.

If you you are new to working with MultiValue databases and need to access, extract, or share data with the MultiValue platforms in your enterprise, then this session is a must. This session will help developers who are more familiar with other development environments understand the MultiValue database and data structures. If you are a .NET, PHP, or Python developer and you are trying to explain your data requirements and needs to your MultiValue developers and administrators, then join us to learn the common terms and design practices used in the MultiValue applications.

Experienced MultiValue developers will learn how best to describe their MultiValue systems and applications to new developers in order to help them come up to speed with less effort on both you.

Let’s face it, many of our MultiValue IT departments are going to be looking at personnel turnover in the next 5-10 year. Succession Planning is business/corporate term for planning ahead.

Succession Planning is similar to a Disaster Recovery Plan, in that, it is an exercise to takes you through how the transaction of personnel affects the business and how to make it as smooth as possible.

Wed 12:00 PM

On your own for lunch.

Hackers & Spammers & Zombies -Oh MY!

Choosing your battles and mounting your defense against the latest cyber-threats. A critical session for any IT department, Susan provides an understanding of the new Security threats and solutions.

It is easy to add an index to a UniVerse file to increase performance, but are you aware of the system performance issues of doing this? Don’t want to wait for a select to run during month-end processing? Create a trigger. Want instantaneous retrieval of sales history based on region, date, dollar amount and phase of the moon? Create a trigger.

This session will talk about the pros and cons of adding indexes to UniVerse files, and different ways to address them.

We have been exporting our data into Excel for years. CSV and Tab Delimited files are the normal, but as Excel advances and implements more security, we are getting requires to generate native Excel files. This session will take you through different ways to create and enhance your exports to be more friendly to Excel.

Join NexusTek to view their latest tools and products, and learn how they can increase your company's productivity.

Finding Tech Talent that fits your company's culture can seem like a hard task. There are many things managers can look at up front during the interview that can make your job easier.

We all know that there is more work than you can find qualified candidates. This session will help you develop better interview questions and procedures to help weed out the people that look good on paper, but don't really fit your company's needs.

Those of you who work in the retail environment know all too well the anxiety an upcoming holiday season brings. A lot of companies put all systems on a “frozen” status for some number of weeks or even months prior to the beginning of the Holiday “crunch.” The thought of a system outage during Black Friday, for example, is enough to cause staff members to start losing sleep, developing stress-induced illnesses, and plummeting morale weeks in advance.

But now that everybody knows everything about anything bad that happens (it’s called The Internet), we see that software catastrophes are not limited to the Holiday Season. On any given day you can read about an airline accidentally selling thousands of dollars of First Class tickets to prime locations for a fraction of the regular cost losing thousands of dollars in fares and lost profits due to fuel costs.

So what went wrong? Didn’t they test their software/hardware changes and improvements? Think about this, if you knew the software for the robotic assisted surgery machine had been tested with the same standards your company uses for changes to your order processing system, would you still want that cardiac bypass done using it?

We’ve talked about automated testing, test-driven development, etc. in previous Conferences, and in this one, too. This session will address not just methodologies but also the Human side of testing. How do we write tests – automated and manual – That work. We will also discuss how to start preparing your current legacy code for automated testing. (Hint – don’t throw out a gazillion lines of proprietary legacy code and start over from scratch. Or not even by buying a "package."

PDFs have become an preferred document exchange method for emails and archival storage. This session will show you different ways to create PDF documents and how to merge your MultiValue data into existing PDF documents.

Augmented Reality Business applications are not far away. While this technology is still evolving, it is not likely to go away anytime soon.

In this session, we will cover how Augmented Reality (AR) is being used beyond apps like Pokeimon-Go and Google Translate. We will show you a proof-of-concept application using the Microsoft HoloLens connecting to a MultiValue Database.

Unwind after a busy week of informative sessions with our Closing Party.

The Closing Conference party is a tradition at International Spectrum. It gives attendees a last chance to talk with each other and with vendors, before heading back to work to apply the information gain at the week of sessions.

Enjoy the food and drinks, and party the night away.