Phoenix 2019 - 8th to 11th April, 2019

Event Schedule:

We have been using the same formulas for over 25 years to forecast and manage our inventory and manufacturing, but these formulas have aged to the point that they may not be accurate anymore. New AI and BI analytics have been developed, but are you using them?

Join us to see the new forecasting and optimization models that you should be using.

Digital Assistants like Alexa and Google are working their way into customer service. Learn how to create an Alexa Skill that will present MultiValue data.

Join BlueFinity International to discover how Evoke takes MultiValue into the 21st century. Evoke is the only mainstream mobile/rapid App development platform that allows for the incorporation of MultiValue DataBasic code/data and industry standard technologies in a single App.Evoke is all you need to rapidly develop and deliver mobile, web and desktop apps that run in web, hybrid and native mode on Android, iOS and Windows operating environments for all platforms and devices. One set of code does it all! Evoke development is drag and drop, point and click for the citizen developer.

Do you have a feature rich legacy application that has all your customized data, yet you are struggling to provide a cost effective solution to generate GUI Reports? Would you like to empower your users to create their own custom reports, without having to memorize file names and bizarre dictionary IDs? PHI Reporting combines the richness of Accuterm GUI as a user interface, and the power of MSExcel as a reporting repository. The result is a simple to use, dictionary driven, powerful reporting tool.

Our Reporting tool empowers your users to create adhoc reports and save templates for later use. You can print, save (as .PDF), or email. Your users will utilize "user friendly" Gui Screens, and to create reports in familiar .xlsx format, complete with Images, formulas, and headings.

See how you can create custom reports in minutes... you will NOT be disappointed !!

Most MultiValue databases contain modern features that are not difficult to implement. This session will go through many of those features and how you can leverage those features in your MultiValue database.

If you use Outlook, then you should have a task window that displays each email’s customer information without the user having to look it up in your MultiValue Application. Lean how to create and use addins to extend outlook to be more useful to your business.