Phoenix 2019 - 8th to 11th April, 2019

Event Schedule:

Examples will include ForeMost, mvTools, Accuterm GUI, Python, Source Code Control, Google Charts & GEO, Dashboard Reporting, Tablet Menu, Exporting via MS Excel, .pdf, HTML XML, FAX, Email and ActFax.

Attend Ashwood's session to preview the ATeam's latest tools and products, and learn how they can increase your company's productivity. Every attendee will receive an Ashwood Computer thumb drive with the presentation pre-loaded and one lucky attendee will win a special door prize!

ForeMost contains many examples that illustrate how we assist and improve our customer's legacy systems solutions.

From problem reporting and project management through change control and deployment with rollback, PRC can increase productivity while meeting your compliance requirements. PRC works within the MultiValue environment to automate change control and deployment while enforcing security and protecting the integrity of software and data. With PRC in place a company can move ahead with in-house development without restricting their ability to take vendor upgrades.

Never lose work, step on each others' work, or make a mess that you have to fix in live under the gun again. Whether a company wants to provide tracking and robust tools for programmer convenience or must take it all the way through to compliance, PRC meets the needs of the developers (even specifically the “Pickie” type of developer who is used to moving quickly and freely) and of management (even the accounting/auditor type of management who recoils at fast and free development) easily and conveniently from within the familiar environment.

Seldom is the most comprehensive and most powerful tool-set also the easiest to implement. Norse has used ScreenDriver to fully modernize all of the significantly complex elements of Transportation Management and has delivered these applications to 13+ enterprise clients.

  • Most Comprehensive
  • Most Power full
  • Easiest to install

And oh, did we mention,

  • Least expensive!

Come see what ScreenDriver can do for your multi-value applications.

Do you have a feature rich legacy application that has all your customized data, yet you are struggling to provide a cost effective solution to generate GUI Reports? Would you like to empower your users to create their own custom reports, without having to memorize file names and bizarre dictionary IDs? PHI Reporting combines the richness of Accuterm GUI as a user interface, and the power of MSExcel as a reporting repository. The result is a simple to use, dictionary driven, powerful reporting tool.

Our Reporting tool empowers your users to create adhoc reports and save templates for later use. You can print, save (as .PDF), or email. Your users will utilize "user friendly" Gui Screens, and to create reports in familiar .xlsx format, complete with Images, formulas, and headings.

See how you can create custom reports in minutes... you will NOT be disappointed !!