A UniVerse Of Data: From UV/Net to Replication and Beyond

From my beginnings with the Market America in 2006, we extensively used UV/Net across all our systems and environments. Here, we are going to detail how we have outgrown the capabilities of UV/Net and show how we leveraged U2 Data Replication to move some systems into the cloud while reducing our dependency with of UV/Net. Sounds impossible? It's been said that necessity is the mother of invention. UV/Net has been a sound technology for many years, and if your solution is all local (LAN vs. WAN), you can continue using it. However, once you extend applications to the cloud, UV/Net just cannot perform adequately.

U2 Data Replication is the answer! We moved from extensive UV/Net usage across all systems to leveraging U2 Data Replication across all of our environments with great success! We used it to assist in posting specific information to Couchbase via Kafka. Whatever our business needs, U2 Data Replication is the critical path.

Now, in 2020, our business relies on replication 24x7x365 – yours can too! You will see how you can use U2 Data Replication to push data to cloud servers, other databases as well as deprecating the need for UV/Net. Beyond that, we can explore how U2 Recoverable File System will play with the same solution.

In conclusion, our road to moving from a reliance on UV/Net to relying on U2 Data Replication has been a long one, with some bumps along the way. Now we have succeeded and rely on it daily for mission critical applications.

Bryan Haglund

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