Moving Forward With Caché

All of our customers benefit from InterSystems technology and our MultiValue customers are no exception. They need to develop breakthrough applications as much as any other customer. With InterSystems offering full MultiValue support, adopting other elements of InterSystems technology becomes an easy task. Come and hear how one of our customers has benefited from their migration to Caché. They will discuss how their operations, development environment, and support of multiple locations – and therefore their business — have improved as a result of advancing their application with InterSystems.

Lee Burstein

Lee Burstein is the President and Founder of Dynamic Systems, Inc. with over 25 years experience in the MultiValue marketplace. Lee is best known for his training and enjoys an international reputation as a leading MultiValue educator. His background also includes designing, developing and implementing various custom end-user applications and add-ons to existing applications. In addition he has managed development and migration projects. Lately Lee has been involved in Business Intelligence, Web Services and .NET.

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