Florida 2012 - 2nd to 5th April, 2012

Event Schedule:

Ashwood's developers use these tools daily to provide our customer's services in less time and at a significant savings! mvTools save time. From 50% to 60% in most cases and will enable you to revitalize your text and GUI application software.

Entrinsik's Informer Web Reporting is an award-winning operational reporting and analysis solution used by tens of thousands across various industries. Informer delivers real-time access to multiple databases, including U2, D3, SQL, Oracle, Informix, MySQL and others, from one intuitive drag and drop interface without complex ETL processes, data warehousing, or data cubing.

NEW Informer Dashboards help organizations improve decision-making with visually compelling, interactive dashboards to analyze, track and drill down into real-time information while monitoring key operational performance indicators. Informer creates a self-service operational reporting and analysis environment where users can customize data views for ad-hoc analysis without IT support. Informer's VAR Toolkit minimizes implementation time and facilitates easy integration into existing environments. Easy to use. Easy to implement.

From problem reporting and project management through change control and deployment with rollback, PRC can increase productivity while meeting your compliance requirements. PRC works within the MultiValue environment to automate change control and deployment while enforcing security and protecting the integrity of software and data. With PRC in place a company can move ahead with in-house development without restricting their ability to take vendor upgrades.

Never lose work, step on each others' work, or make a mess that you have to fix in live under the gun again. Whether a company wants to provide tracking and robust tools for programmer convenience or must take it all the way through to compliance, PRC meets the needs of the developers (even specifically the “Pickie” type of developer who is used to moving quickly and freely) and of management (even the accounting/auditor type of management who recoils at fast and free development) easily and conveniently from within the familiar environment.

This session is designed to show the features of AccuTerm7 specific to AccuTerm7 GUI development It is geared to the Multi-Value/Pick programmer who wants to convert or develop applications in a Windows graphical environment using AccuTerm7 GUI. It will specifically address the following:

  • How AccuTerm7 GUI works and is setup
  • Sample Applications and Techniques
  • MAINEVENT programming with AccuTerm7 GUI
  • AccuTerm7 GUI Internet Version
  • VB Scripting and AccuTerm7 GUI
  • Sample Source Code will be Distributed to all Attendees

All of our customers benefit from InterSystems technology and our MultiValue customers are no exception. They need to develop breakthrough applications as much as any other customer. With InterSystems offering full MultiValue support, adopting other elements of InterSystems technology becomes an easy task. Come and hear how one of our customers has benefited from their migration to Caché. They will discuss how their operations, development environment, and support of multiple locations – and therefore their business — have improved as a result of advancing their application with InterSystems.

Standard reports and search techniques are no longer adequate for today's business requirements. It's time to release the knowledge held in unstructured data (i.e. text and memo fields) and incorporate that into our business analytics. Qualitative as well as quantitative analytics provides a far more complete picture of the business. See a demonstration of our embedded business intelligence product, DeepSee, coupled with our unstructured data analysis capabilities, iKnow.

Synergetic Data Systems, Inc. (SDSI) is the premier developer of unique horizontal software products for the Unix and Windows® community. Since 1988, SDSI software has been implemented in nearly 9,000 business organizations worldwide. SDSI products include UnForm, sdOffice®, dSERVETM, MailCallTM , and GeneralTM Report Writer.

SDSI's flagship product UnForm is a powerful document management solution that seamlessly integrates with any software to produce laser forms, electronic documents in PDF format, and deliver e-documents via email or fax without modification of the host application. UnForm offers optional components for Document Archiving and Management, and Document Imaging/Scanning. Also available is a GUI Design Tool to create and maintain document formats.