Informer Web Reporting

Entrinsik's Informer Web Reporting is an award-winning operational reporting and analysis solution used by tens of thousands across various industries. Informer delivers real-time access to multiple databases, including U2, D3, SQL, Oracle, Informix, MySQL and others, from one intuitive drag and drop interface without complex ETL processes, data warehousing, or data cubing.

NEW Informer Dashboards help organizations improve decision-making with visually compelling, interactive dashboards to analyze, track and drill down into real-time information while monitoring key operational performance indicators. Informer creates a self-service operational reporting and analysis environment where users can customize data views for ad-hoc analysis without IT support. Informer's VAR Toolkit minimizes implementation time and facilitates easy integration into existing environments. Easy to use. Easy to implement.

Entrinsik, Inc. is the market leader in providing web-based operational and analytical reporting tools to the MultiValue marketplace. Today, with Entrinisk Informer, thousands of end-users using MultiValue databases enjoy the ability to leverage the Web to share information assets with virtually unlimited number of people anywhere at any time. With its intuitive, easy-to-use interface, Informer provides end-users, IT staff, and executives a business intelligence environment and consistent, real-time information impacting key business processes. Spectrum Magazine has described Informer as a "supercharged reporting tool...designed for decision-makers."

Founded in 1984 and in the MultiValue market since, Entrinsik aims to provide leading edge technology and unsurpassed service to their customers.

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