Florida 2012 - 2nd to 5th April, 2012

Event Schedule: Sessions for April 3rd

Tue 08:00 AM

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Many of our devices scream at us in coded and cryptic error messages. Rather than being part of the problem, let's work to create clear standardized, meaningful error messages. With the advent of Twitter and its 140 character limit it is clear that much can be said in few words. This session will explore some various approaches.

The jQuery UI framework provides a rich (and growing) set of user interface features that can make the browser just as powerful, if not more so, than any dedicated GUI. And being a web technology, it's available right now, and for nearly every browser out in the wild today. Come learn more about how a couple simple lines of Javascript can transform the most mundane user interface into something truly extraordinary.

You hate java, or think it is too complex to work with, lets look again. The JSP Standard Template Library (JSTL) is a very new component released by Sun for JSP programming. JSTL allows you to program your JSP pages using tags, rather than the scriptlet code that most JSP programmers are already accustomed to. JSTL can do nearly everything that regular JSP scriptlet code can do.

This session will examine JAVA, JSP, and JSTL, and take you through the basics of JSTL using Tomcat to publish MultiValue business data.

ASP.NET has been enhanced from the original WinForms approach to an the MVC (Model-View-Controller) approach in the last few years. More and more new ASP.NET development is using this structure and technology.

MultiValue database work very well in this environment. This quick-start will provide you samples and concepts that will allow you take advantage of this powerful technology.

Hackers & Spammers & Zombies -Oh MY!

Choosing your battles and mounting your defense against the latest cyber-threats. A critical session for any IT department, Susan provides an understanding of the new Security threats and solutions.

Cascading Style Sheets provide a powerful way to take an otherwise ordinary web page and transform it into something beautiful. But with over 100 different descriptors for styling a single web page, how do you know where to start? In this session we'll look at the basics of CSS and show you how to make some cool stuff happen without a lot of time or effort.

This session is designed for experienced MultiValue developers who are familiar with UniData programming and hashed files and want to add triggers to files to automatically perform additional processing, such as audit trails, when changes are made to the file, without modifying existing application programs.

  • Trigger Events
  • Trigger Subroutine
  • File Open Issues and Techniques
  • Trigger Debugging
  • Trigger Restrictions

Do you have a set of programs that your development staff is loath to touch knowing that every time something is changed, something else breaks?

Refactoring is a disciplined technique for restructuring an existing body of code and altering its internal structure without changing its external behavior. Its heart is a series of small behavior preserving transformations. Each transformation (called a 'refactoring') does little, but a sequence of transformations can produce a significant restructuring, reducing the chances that a system can get seriously broken during the restructuring.

Attend this session to learn how to refactor not only your code, but also your environment so that developers are motivated to not only fix programs and add features, but return software whose existing functionality is better than it was before they worked on it.

BlueFinity leads the market in supplying Microsoft-centric tools which allow MultiValue developers to create or enhance powerhouse applications using the very latest technologies while still retaining their valuable and often substantial investment in MultiValue software and knowledge. Now, with mv.NET Solution Objects, these applications can be deployed against any of the wide range of user interface devices —workstations, tablets, handhelds, phones, and other mobile devices — and developed with the latest application delivery frameworks and tools. Discover how to create powerful solutions that address the evolving needs of users and customers in a timely, comprehensible and affordable way.

Ashwood's developers use these tools daily to provide our customer's services in less time and at a significant savings! mvTools save time. From 50% to 60% in most cases and will enable you to revitalize your text and GUI application software.

Tue 12:00 PM

On your own for lunch.

There are many different levels and types of bar coding. Many companies limit the use of bar coding to the shipping department or for scanning UPC codes. In this session, you will learn how to create, manage, and implement an enterprise-wide bar coding system for your manufacturing, retail, and asset management needs.

We'll talk about storing the data, printing bar codes, and general interface questions and issues with using bar coding equipment with your MultiValue application.

This session will delve deeper into development of a Native iPhone application including how to access multivalue data from your iPhone app. This session will include the development of an application that demonstrates a native iPhone application.

e-Commerce drives business today. Most of us have developed something kind of e-Commerce interface for our business. This session revisits e-Commerce techniques and solutions to see if you can create a faster, more optimized interface with our MultiValue enterprise.

We will update a MySQL database with products from you MultiValue System, and then pass completed orders from MySQL back into your MultiValue system to be processed.

Bring your laptops.

We see a lot in the trade publications about server virtualization in the data center. It seems to be the current Big Thing. But virtualization is not just about enterprise-wide servers. It is also available on the desktop.

Join us for a discussion of how desktop virtualization works and how a long time MultiValue developer has used it to increase productivity, lower costs, and improve software quality. And if you are already using it, share your own experiences with this exciting new way of Doing More With Less.

Quickbooks has become the defacto standard for account packages. Most small businesses use it, and even some large businesses are starting to ask for support. Even though our enterprise systems have account modules, sometimes is easier to supply an interface to Quickbooks.

This session is a hands-on workshop to provide you a solution to connect to a Quickbooks database. We will show the different ways to import and update data, and the pit falls involved with using Quickbooks within our detail oriented world.

Entrinsik's Informer Web Reporting is an award-winning operational reporting and analysis solution used by tens of thousands across various industries. Informer delivers real-time access to multiple databases, including U2, D3, SQL, Oracle, Informix, MySQL and others, from one intuitive drag and drop interface without complex ETL processes, data warehousing, or data cubing.

NEW Informer Dashboards help organizations improve decision-making with visually compelling, interactive dashboards to analyze, track and drill down into real-time information while monitoring key operational performance indicators. Informer creates a self-service operational reporting and analysis environment where users can customize data views for ad-hoc analysis without IT support. Informer's VAR Toolkit minimizes implementation time and facilitates easy integration into existing environments. Easy to use. Easy to implement.

Join us in this entertaining preview of what you will find from the sponsors and vendor in the exhibit hall. If you don't know which vendors to visit to find your solutions, or even what a vendor offers, here is the best place to see it.

Each vendor will provide a 5 mins song and dance, sometimes literally, of why you should visit them.

  • AccuSoft Enterprises
  • Ashwood Computer Company
  • DesignBais International
  • EasyCo
  • Entrinsik
  • HDWP
  • InterSystems
  • Mpower1 Group of Companies/jBase/BlueFinity
  • Onsystex
  • PICK Programmers Shop
  • Rasmussen Software
  • Revelation Software
  • Synergetic Data Systems, Inc

A Tradition at International Spectrum - An Informal welcome reception right on the exhibition floor - minutes after the exhibitors have completed setup - to welcome everyone to the show and give a sneak preview of what's to come in the next few days. A greate way for you to informally make the connections with the people you'll want to see later.