Florida 2012 - 2nd to 5th April, 2012

Event Schedule:

As a powerful, flexible, easy to learn, and easy to deploy language, PHP provides a platform for an easy transition into web technologies for Multivalue BASIC developers. In this session we'll look at the basics of PHP and discuss how we can leverage our U2 data and programming from a web context.

Apache and PHP have become a popular framework and platform for Web 2.0 and HTML5 development. Since they are both Open Source, you can find precompiled applications for just about any OS and hardware being used.

Now the MultiValue developers don't need to feel left out. In this session we'll show how easy it is to download, install, and start working with Apache and PHP.

Billed as "A rock solid default for HTML5 awesome." the HTML 5 Boilerplate was developed by Paul Irish, a Google developer, to pull together best practices for developing web pages with an HTML 5 doctype. Let's take a look at how to use the features of this template and tailor it to your needs. While this talk will be relevant to developers interested in writing web-based (including mobile) software using any of the MV DBMS's, I will also show the toolkit we use for developing our web-based application using the Zen AJAX framework from InterSystems Cache'. The HTML5 Boilerplate has been integrated into many CMS toolsets, and now we have it integrated into our generated pages too. In addition to discussing the features and benefits of the HTML5 Boilerplate, I will demo our Zen development studio environment. We will create a web page from our page template so that we get the Boilerplate features. This presentation should be fun for anyone interested in either the HTML5 Boilerplate or those who would just like a peak at how we are writing a brand new MultiValue application using the Zen AJAX platform that comes with Cache'.

Content Management Systems (CMS) provide end-users and power-users the ability to update websites without being programmers. There are many Open Source CMS systems on the Internet that would make your job easier.

If the company adds a new product line, or needs to update information the company website, why should they come to the programmer to do so. Using WordPress, DotNetNuke, Umbraco, Drupal, and scores of others would allow your company to update the information without having to bother you.

This session will talk about the different CMS options and how you can enhance and control content with MultiValue database information without sacrificing the CMS flexibility.

The jQuery UI framework provides a rich (and growing) set of user interface features that can make the browser just as powerful, if not more so, than any dedicated GUI. And being a web technology, it's available right now, and for nearly every browser out in the wild today. Come learn more about how a couple simple lines of Javascript can transform the most mundane user interface into something truly extraordinary.

Cascading Style Sheets provide a powerful way to take an otherwise ordinary web page and transform it into something beautiful. But with over 100 different descriptors for styling a single web page, how do you know where to start? In this session we'll look at the basics of CSS and show you how to make some cool stuff happen without a lot of time or effort.

e-Commerce drives business today. Most of us have developed something kind of e-Commerce interface for our business. This session revisits e-Commerce techniques and solutions to see if you can create a faster, more optimized interface with our MultiValue enterprise.

We will update a MySQL database with products from you MultiValue System, and then pass completed orders from MySQL back into your MultiValue system to be processed.

Bring your laptops.

Part 1 of 2, this session will talk about how to Mobile and Browser enable your MultiValue application using OpenInsight.

Part 2 of 2, this session will talk about how to Mobile and Browser enable your MultiValue application using OpenInsight.

Attend this hands on demonstration of implementing Universe RESTful Services. Discussions on best practice for communication to the web service, step by step creation of a web service, and real live examples will be provided.

gMail and Google apps deliver dozens of useful, powerful cloud-based tools such as email, chat, and calendars, and your business can use them for free. We'll introduce these apps and show you how your business can make the most of them in this social media world. Join us for this introductory talk.