Florida 2012 - 2nd to 5th April, 2012

Event Schedule:

Data is any business's key assets. Without reliable data, then business will loose money and fail. This session will talk about protecting sensitive data and how best to provided audits to your ever changing data.

Every year the landscape of IT changes - new products, new platforms and new risks. Governments enact laws and regulations to bring order - new ones arriving somewhere almost daily. Let's review what is going on in the coming year with governance and compliance requirements, the threats that they address and things you can do to stay ahead of the wave.

Many of our devices scream at us in coded and cryptic error messages. Rather than being part of the problem, let's work to create clear standardized, meaningful error messages. With the advent of Twitter and its 140 character limit it is clear that much can be said in few words. This session will explore some various approaches.

Hackers & Spammers & Zombies -Oh MY!

Choosing your battles and mounting your defense against the latest cyber-threats. A critical session for any IT department, Susan provides an understanding of the new Security threats and solutions.

We all want to know. We all assume we know. Now get the actual information.

Your manager has asked you to provide them with an estimate on how long a project will take, but the last two times you provided a quote, one came up short and the another came up long and was rejected. Project estimation is not as difficult as everyone thinks it is. Join Clif and learn how to accurately provide estimates to your managers and clients.