Florida 2012 - 2nd to 5th April, 2012

Event Schedule:

Tablets, Phones, Smart Home Panels… Android Development will take you into the future. This session will provide you information on what software you need and what steps you will need to develop for these systems and hardware.

We will also show you the basics for talking with your MultiValue system from an Android Applications.

You have been creating green screen/command line programs for years, but now you starting to create applications in Windows or the Web.

  • Where do you start?
  • How do you process data and validation?
  • When should you read/write/lock your data?

GUI applications require a different thinking process when developing and handling data. Some applications can be made simpler and some are more complex when you start developing event—driven applications.

Join Charles Barouch, and see how to develop fast and effective GUI and event—driven programs.

You hate java, or think it is too complex to work with, lets look again. The JSP Standard Template Library (JSTL) is a very new component released by Sun for JSP programming. JSTL allows you to program your JSP pages using tags, rather than the scriptlet code that most JSP programmers are already accustomed to. JSTL can do nearly everything that regular JSP scriptlet code can do.

This session will examine JAVA, JSP, and JSTL, and take you through the basics of JSTL using Tomcat to publish MultiValue business data.

e-Commerce drives business today. Most of us have developed something kind of e-Commerce interface for our business. This session revisits e-Commerce techniques and solutions to see if you can create a faster, more optimized interface with our MultiValue enterprise.

We will update a MySQL database with products from you MultiValue System, and then pass completed orders from MySQL back into your MultiValue system to be processed.

Bring your laptops.