Phoenix 2019 - 8th to 11th April, 2019

Event Schedule:

Creating visually appealing reports, charts, maps, and graphics from MultiValue data used to be a long, drawn-out process. With the ability to use Microsoft's PowerBI, your MultiValue data suddenly has the power of modern visualizations and business intelligence.

This session will provide you the means to export and manipulate your MultiValue data using PowerBI.

With all of the buzz with NoSQL and SQL databases how does SQL Server and MongoDB compare to MultiValue databases.

There are many different "Frameworks" and "Coding Methodologies," not to mention various "Best Practices." This session is designed to help Developers understand what each one brings to the enterprise, and how it can be used or combined with others.

Find out how MVC relates to MVP and MVVM. Talk about "Best Practices" when it comes to Desktop developer vs. Web development vs Mobile Development. See how they may or may not be related to MultiValue applications.

Bootstrap can help you build a responsive website and speed your web development. This session will help you understand how to leverage this framework to build mobile-first projects and show integration with your MultiValue data driving changes to the look of the website.

Most MultiValue databases contain modern features that are not difficult to implement. This session will go through many of those features and how you can leverage those features in your MultiValue database.