Tampa 2020 - 20th to 23rd April, 2020

Event Schedule: Sessions for April 21st

Join us in this entertaining preview of what you will find from the sponsors and vendor in the exhibit hall. If you don't know which vendors to visit to find your solutions, or even what a vendor offers, here is the best place to see it.

Each vendor will provide a 5 mins song and dance, sometimes literally, of why you should visit them.

From problem reporting and project management through change control and deployment with rollback, PRC can increase productivity while meeting your compliance requirements. PRC works within the MultiValue environment to automate change control and deployment while enforcing security and protecting the integrity of software and data. With PRC in place a company can move ahead with in-house development without restricting their ability to take vendor upgrades.

Never lose work, step on each others' work, or make a mess that you have to fix in live under the gun again. Whether a company wants to provide tracking and robust tools for programmer convenience or must take it all the way through to compliance, PRC meets the needs of the developers (even specifically the “Pickie” type of developer who is used to moving quickly and freely) and of management (even the accounting/auditor type of management who recoils at fast and free development) easily and conveniently from within the familiar environment.

If you've ever wondered how to add value to your MV applications, or how to preserve your MV software investments while modernizing it, this session is for you. Join Safwat Boulos, Rocket Software Senior Sales Engineer and learn how your MV environment can participate in technologies such as mobile apps, rich GUIs, web services, B2B integration, automation, continuous integration, and many more. He’ll cover the different approaches for modernization and the associated risks, including best practices. Come join Rocket Software on an exploration journey and participate in live demos of the many different offerings where you will learn about the products and tools you will need and how to embark on a modernization process!

Baby steps to modernization, using DesignBais, Accuterm and your Business Logic! Whether you want to run on your own, learn from what we have done, or partner with our professionals TRG can help you step through the process of modernization. Come see the first step to modernizing your MV Applications.

During our session we will be covering the following;

  • Demonstration of the ‘First Step’

    We will demonstrate the integration of modern browser-based technology with your classic character-based applications

  • Success Stories

    TRG will review several of its recent success stories and include examples of these new applications

  • DesignBais DemoThis demo gives a technical overview of the features of DesignBAIS, a functionally rich toolset that enables Multi-value developers to design and create enterprise wide web-based applications
  • Future of DesignBais

    A brief discussion on the announced features and benefits of DesignBais

  • Partnering with Think TRG!

We have been exporting our data into Excel for years. CSV and Tab Delimited files are the normal, but as Excel advances and implements more security, we are getting requires to generate native Excel files. This session will take you through different ways to create and enhance your exports to be more friendly to Excel.

  • Ashwood Computer Company
  • BlueFinity International
  • Drexel Consulting Service
  • Entrinsik
  • Kosday Solutions
  • Maverick Systems
  • ONgroup Intl
  • PICK Programmers Shop
  • Rocket Software
  • ThinkTRG - Technical Resource Group
  • Zumasys, Inc