Mar/Apr 2018

Using OWIN Security with MultiValue Data - Part 2

Part 2 in our series on OWIN, the latest framework that .NET developers are using to build ASP.NET applications. Integrating your MultiValue data into the OWIN identity framework allows central management of user and customer credentials from within your existing LOB (Line Of Business) application.

Six Million Dollar Date

We've looked at how to wrap the OPEN statement (Six Million Dollar Open) previously. This time we are going to wrap one aspect of the INPUT statement, date handling. People outside of our industry may not consciously realize it, but dates are tricky things.

SA Police Super works with MBS to update their System

SA Police Super have been using MultiValue in one form or another since 1992 to help administer our Superannuation Scheme. The original legacy software was developed by a Melbourne company and has since undergone monumental changes to bring it in line with the boun dless legislative and taxation changes which relentlessly rain upon us every year. This case study shows how MBS was able to modernize their system with a few simple tools.

UniVerse and Python - it's here!

UniVerse has added Python as an integral part of the system, much like UniBasic. This article explores Brian Leach's experience with using Python within UniVerse, and how it works with the reset of UniVerse.

Business Tech: Same Difference

It is easy to see businesses as unique snowflakes but it's equally easy to see them as all the same. As professionals, whether employees or consultants, we need both perspectives in the course of our work life. While we can make the case the Amazon isn't eBay, we can also make the case that your accountant and your dog groomer are in the same business.