May/Jun 2013

International Spectrum MultiValue Conference 2013 Recap — The Most Sought-After Information

There were a variety of sessions presented at the 2013 International Spectrum Conference. We thought it might be interesting to take a look at the "Top 10" attended sessions to see if there was any pattern that might indicate what topics attendees were most interested in this year. The results may surprise you. (Or not.)

Automated Testing Part 2 – Unit Tests

Unit Tests are a fundamental building block in the modern Test Driven Design method of software development. Unfortunately, most of the literature on the subject concentrates on objectoriented design and programming. Even though several of our MultiValue platforms now support object-orientation, our legacy code from years ago does not. Second in a series, this article explores both the concept of Unit Tests and how to implement them in our non-object oriented environment.

Business Tech: Case Study

We technical folks tend to look at businesses and immediately start thinking about what technology it could use. Many times, however, we would benefit by first stepping back and learning about the business model. This real-world case study explores how that can work..

Building A Mobile Application With O4W – Part 2

Part 1 of this series discussed Revelation Software’s O4W web development toolkit, and how it has evolved since its introduction to support mobile devices. In Part 2, we’ll take that same routine and enhance it to provide more interactivity, user input, and advanced interface elements.