Nov/Dec 2018

MultiValue Industry End-of-Year Recap

Recent years have moved technology deeply into the day-to-day of nearly every culture. We've asked some key influencers in the MultiValue world to talk about how they moved their products forward in 2018. They also talked to us about where they'll be focusing in 2019.

4GL Spotlight: BinaryStar Development

The 4GL Spotlight series continues with a look at BinaryStar Development. We sit down and talk with Lee Becall and Harvey Rodstein about their various products.

GOTO Hell Part 2: Hell by Any Other Name

Every language has things that compile (or execute in the case of scripting languages) which still might not be a good idea. GOTO is, for many, a worrisome part of mvBASIC. For others, it is a welcome member of the family. There's a middle ground and this is the middle article on the topic.

Business Tech: Planning

There's an old saying: When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. We all have direct experience which disputes that and direct experience which supports that. Is is time for us to deny our inner cowboy and accept the role of planning in every phase of our work?