Sep/Oct 2012

Locking — Part 1: Locking Refresher

This new series about locking strategies is in response to some comments about new programmers not seeming to understand the issues of locking. But perhaps some mature MultiValue developers are unaware of just how modern system usage has changed the world of locking beyond the simple READU.

Help Me Help You: The Must-Haves Behind Project Development

“What’s broken?” “I don’t know.” “He’s on third base.” Many times a support call with a customer ends up sounding more like an Abbot and Costello sketch than a rational conversation between two subject matter experts — a business customer and an application developer. Sometimes we, the developers, need to educate our clients as to how to help us find what’s wrong and come to a correct solution.

Business Tech: Alternate Financial Arraignments

As they say, it takes money to make money. But finding funding for a startup or the expansion of an existing business comes with a variety of reporting and scheduling issues. Most IT professionals do not think of themselves as being involved in funding efforts, but we have a lot more impact — both positive or negative — than we may realize.

Business Analyst — A Programmer’s Best Friend

With the current emphasis on Agile Methodologies, we can forget that there is another way of looking at the application development game. Somewhat reminiscent of the Systems Analyst of the waterfall methodologies of the 60s and 70s, the Business Analyst focuses on uncovering the requirements, details, and solution descriptions before the actual coding begins.