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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Conference Schedule

Phoenix 2019 - April 8th-11th
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  • Expanding Northgate team gets Fuller

    (Tuesday, September 1, 2009) - Northgate has again stepped up the rapid and successful expansion of its United States Reality team with the key appointment of technology director Mark Fuller.


  • MultiValue UserGroup Meetings

    (Saturday, December 1, 2018) - SAPUG - Seattle Area Pick User Group - Date: TBD | TEXMUG North - Texas MultiValue User Group - Date: TBD | CMUG - Colorado MultiValue Users Group - Date: TBD | SoCalRUG - Southern Calif Revelation UserGroup - Date: TBD


  • BlueFinity Offers First Look at mv.NET with Solution Objects in Free Webinar

    (Thursday, October 1, 2009) - The new Solution Objects component set for mv.NET builds upon this existing infrastructure to provide strongly- typed, class-based access to MultiValue databases via the generation of an advanced data abstraction layer.


  • D3 Oracle Gateway Now Available for Linux

    (Friday, September 4, 2009) - D3 Oracle Gateway version 2.1 now supports the Linux operating system. The D3 Oracle Gateway for Linux is compatible with the Oracle 11 client connecting to the Oracle 10 and 11 databases.


  • MultiValue Jobs Available

    (Saturday, December 1, 2018) - Consultant Opportunity - Thousand Oaks, CA


  • Move to jBASE Increases Application Reliability

    (Thursday, October 1, 2009) - PosXpress users have unfortunately faced several challenges over the years. The MultiValue database had printing issues which resulted in frequent user support calls. From time to time, licenses would be inexplicably consumed. Many of the end-users were computer novices, and if the system was not shut down properly, the database would not start properly or would be corrupted.


  • Tech Tip! - Sort Data by Week Number

    (Monday, January 1, 0001) - Sorting your data from TCL by week no is easier than you think.


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