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Business Tech: Same Difference


Ask most successful business owners and you'll find that they attribute part of their success to doing things differently. They will tell you that they offer a special view on service, a unique sales proposition, or significant value-add to their process; something that sets them apart.

Our experience as consumers tells us a different story. While we all have our view on certain companies being exceptional — Microsoft, Apple, and Google have enthusiastic consumers for example — we usually see most of the businesses we deal with, personally and professionally, as close to interchangeable. There are slight preferences in many cases but we don't see huge differences.

Of course, everyone see categories of business as different. Few people would argue that your accounting firm and your pet groomer are interchangeable. For the purposes of this article, however, they are.


Most businesses are based on CSP - Cost Sharing Propositions. Hiring a full-time accountant (or becoming an accountant) is too expensive. Sharing one accountant among two dozen clients provides that accountant with a living without laying the expense on any one client. My younger daughter, Dani, is part of a group which does dog walking and house sitting. Hiring a house sitter for only the days you will be away is CSP. My sister is in catering, where she creates and orchestrates large, elegant parties. Hiring her for the weddings and other notable events which occur over your entire life makes more sense than having her on payroll during the years between your two daughters' weddings.


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