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  • Locking - Part 1: Locking Refresher

    This new series about locking strategies is in response to some comments about new programmers not seeming to understand the issues of locking. But perhaps some mature MultiValue developers are unaware of just how modern system usage has changed the world of locking beyond the simple READU.


  • Locking - Part 2 Traditional Locking

    The first article of this series looked briefly at how UniVerse uses its lock table to ensure physical integrity of the database by blocking concurrent access to files at the group level. In this article we consider application locking as a means of ensuring logical integrity.


  • Locking - Part 3: Modern Locking

    The first two articles of this series examined the issues of locking as it applies to database integrity, information correctness, and the traditional manner in which most of our MultiValue applications implement locking. This final article now moves on to explore the locking requirements of modern web applications, web services, and other forms of SOA.


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