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  • D3 ODBC Server Setup - On-Demand

    Video explaining how to mapping D3 files and data to support ODBC access. Talks about which ODBC API and SQL Grammar is supported, and how to map ODBC/SQL datatypes to MultiValue dictionaries and MultiValue associations.


  • Installing and Using UniVerse ODBC: A Quickstart

    A number of users have reported frustration (or failure) in installing and using UniVerse's ODBC. This might be due to confusing conflicts in terminology or the lack of actual examples. This article strives to provide a clarification of terminology and an end-to-end example in an attempt to provide that "ah-hah!" moment.


  • Using the ODBC server inactivity timeout feature on D3/NT 7.4.4.

    A new feature of D3/NT that is introduced in 7.4.4 is the ability to set an inactivity timeout value to the client connections. After a specified period of time, a client ODBC connection will timeout. The port will be logged off, the associated thread will be terminated and the user license will be returned.


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