Norse Systems announces IDMS - Integrated Document Management System

User's of Norse Systems ScreenDriver Enterprise Application Environment are already familiar with its Source Code management - among the best-of-breed in terms of Library services - Check-in/out, automated version archive, version compare, pre-release audit, release documentation and Installation scripting.

By the same token, ScreenDriver user's are already familiar with 'Attachable' objects - available for the last two years. Any database item, perhaps a customer record, while being maintained via the SCREEN method, can have digital 'objects' attached to it. Users can use a menu 'Link' to see a list of existing attachments, perhaps spreadsheet, .jpg, .pdf, .bmp, or any other relavent digital assets. Clicking on a listed file opens it on the user's client, or a 'New' option allows any file on the client to be migrated to the server and added to the list.

Effective with the January 2019 release, these two ScreenDriver services are combined to provide IDMS support.

Site administrators can create and structure any number of 'ObjectDirectories' and define a variety of characteristics for each. One may house objects where Contention (Check-in/out) services are needed but auto-version archive is not. Another may house 'basic' source code items with a full compliment of 'code' services. Yet another may be dedicated to a certain kind of 'sensative' documents (perhaps employee reviews?) where the administrator may specify that any of several types of security protocols are required.

If your appliation is not running within a ScreenDriver environment then perhaps it time to call Norse Systems to schedule a demo.

Norse Systems

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