The thought of replacing or re-engineering decades of complex business logic is daunting. Learn how Onsystex's OASYS suite of modernization solutions can provide low risk methodologies to transform legacy MultiValue applications to commercial web and mobile applications with full integration to mainstream technologies.

Leverage the Cloud

Use OASYS | OMNI to leverage external applications and/or expose your legacy data and business logic to external applications as API’s using our configuration based integration framework.

Web-enable Your Green Screen Application.

Use OASYS | WEB to deliver you’re a fully responsive web and mobile interface faster than any alternative.

Surface MultiValue Data Into Modern BI Tools.

Use OASYS | BRIDGE to replicate you MV data on a real-time basis into normalized relational databases such as SQL.

Run Your MultiValue Application on SQL.

Use OASYS |Serverto run your application natively on SQL databases