Phoenix 2019 - 8th to 11th April, 2019

Event Schedule:

There are many different "Frameworks" and "Coding Methodologies," not to mention various "Best Practices." This session is designed to help Developers understand what each one brings to the enterprise, and how it can be used or combined with others.

Find out how MVC relates to MVP and MVVM. Talk about "Best Practices" when it comes to Desktop developer vs. Web development vs Mobile Development. See how they may or may not be related to MultiValue applications.

Join BlueFinity International to discover how Evoke takes MultiValue into the 21st century. Evoke is the only mainstream mobile/rapid App development platform that allows for the incorporation of MultiValue DataBasic code/data and industry standard technologies in a single App.Evoke is all you need to rapidly develop and deliver mobile, web and desktop apps that run in web, hybrid and native mode on Android, iOS and Windows operating environments for all platforms and devices. One set of code does it all! Evoke development is drag and drop, point and click for the citizen developer.

Whether you are using JAVA, .NET or another desktop language, you are likely interfacing with your MultiValue database incorrectly.

Interfacing applications effectively with a database requires developers to split much of the process between the database and the client. In this workshop, we will talk about how to design effective client/server/database interfaces using a MultiValue database.

Augmented Reality Business applications are not far away. While this technology is still evolving, it is not likely to go away anytime soon.

In this session, we will cover how Augmented Reality (AR) is being used beyond apps like Pokeimon-Go and Google Translate. We will show you a proof-of-concept application using the Microsoft HoloLens connecting to a MultiValue Database.