Florida 2012 - 2nd to 5th April, 2012

Event Schedule: Sessions for April 5th

Thu 08:00 AM

International Spectrum registration. Open during the full conference hours.

Attend this hands on demonstration of implementing Universe RESTful Services. Discussions on best practice for communication to the web service, step by step creation of a web service, and real live examples will be provided.

Your manager has asked you to provide them with an estimate on how long a project will take, but the last two times you provided a quote, one came up short and the another came up long and was rejected. Project estimation is not as difficult as everyone thinks it is. Join Clif and learn how to accurately provide estimates to your managers and clients.

As a .NET programmer, working with a MultiValue Database doesn't always seem to conform to how you think it should be done. Surprising enough, MultiValue Database structure and interfaces fit the .NET object models better than traditional database.

Move beyond direct queries of the data, and learn how to use the full potential of the MultiValue database with stored procedures, and so how the to generate Datasets and Data Objects more efficiently.

A new presentation, greatly improved. This session will show you how to create word documents on the fly by mixing templates and data from your MultiValue database. This is a PICK application you can use to create a word document

This session is designed for experienced MultiValue developers who are familiar with UniVerse programming and hashed files and want to add triggers to files to automatically perform additional processing, such as audit trails, when changes are made to the file, without modifying existing application programs.

  • Trigger Events
  • Trigger Subroutine
  • File Open Issues and Techniques
  • Trigger Debugging
  • Trigger Restrictions

gMail and Google apps deliver dozens of useful, powerful cloud-based tools such as email, chat, and calendars, and your business can use them for free. We'll introduce these apps and show you how your business can make the most of them in this social media world. Join us for this introductory talk.

An application programming interface (API) that allows send programmed and customized emails by using D3 subroutines and a program in Java.

You'll be able to send birthday congratulations, letters, prize lists, reports etc. Let your system work while you improve your image with clients, employees, etc.

This session will explore the development of MultiValue Smartphone and Tablet applications using PhoneGap.

PhoneGap is an easy way to create and deploy native and hybrid applications for your business. See how simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can be merged with your MultiValue enterprise to create a application quickly and with native functionality.

No Android JAVA and no iPad Objective-C to learn.

Mobile devices can do more than just text with your friends or kids. They can also interact with data from your multi-value database. Data can not just be pulled down using a browser, but they can also be pushed out from your servers. We'll review the mobile notifications and look at options available to you. Join Eagle Rock Information Systems for this talk on mobile communications.

Thu 12:00 PM

On your own for lunch.

Bring your laptop, tablet and/or cell phone, and sit down with experts in Mobile Application design to create your "Proof of Concept" application to talk home with you.

This lab will provide MultiValue developers the ability to write and test Tablet/Cell Web and Native applications. This is the best place to apply the knowledge you learned in previous sessions.

Bring your laptop, with or without Visual Studio installed. We will help you get it installed, and building a "Proof of Concept" .NET appliation for you take home with you to your Boss.

Talk with speakers and experts that have solved all the problems you are likely to run into while developing a .NET applicaiton.

Unwind after a busy week of informative sessions with our Closing Party.

The Closing Conference party is a tradition at International Spectrum. It gives attendees a last chance to talk with each other and with vendors, before heading back to work to apply the information gain at the week of sessions.

Enjoy the food and drinks, and party the night away.