Sep/Oct 2018

Migrating NorthWind Database to a MultiValue Database

RDBMS model doesn't really scale well in complexity. It never has. In many cases, it doesn't really scale well in volume, either. One of the best ways to see how MultiValue exceeds the abilities of competing technologies is by comparing apples to apples. If we take the Northwinds database into a MultiValue system, we can demonstrate the speed, the ease, and the scaling that we excel at in a clear and concise way.

Self-Signed SSL Certificates for REST Development

Security is important but it also complexifies things which should be simpler. One of the sticking points for many of us is SSL. While we instinctively move to paid solution, there is another alternative for your internal systems and testbeds. It's time to demystify Self-Signed Certificates.

Recognizing the Value of MultiValue and its Senior Developers

There's an old saying: He who has a thing to sell, and goes and whispers in a well, is less apt to get the dollar than he who climbs a tree and hollers. We in MultiValue have been whispering in wells for far too long. Our technology and our people both deserve better. This time, instead of a tech upgrade, let's do an image upgrade. Everyone deserves to know what we know about the amazing developers and developments in MultiValue.

Business Tech Philosophy of Indexing

In Star Wars: A New Hope, Luke is encouraged to turn off the computer. In essence, he's told that the hardware and software he's using is too slow, to non-responsive, for the mission. We all know the pressure for faster and better in our computer systems. Maybe it's time to review that with a slightly different perspective.