Jul/Aug 2013

Secure Coding for MultiValue

Closing firewalls, email filtering, passwords, encryption, SSL, injection attacks — welcome to running with the big dogs. As MultiValue systems move into mainstream environments and become part of the enterprise's multi-platform, customer facing business solutions, we find ourselves having to deal with and defend against the same types of attacks our non-MultiValue partners have been plagued with. While there is a lot of literature about these issues available, unfortunately the MultiValue platform is not usually the topic of these discussions. This article is a start in closing that gap.

Business Tech: Epic Fantasy

There is little doubt in anyone’s mind that our economic landscape is changing. This, of course, will also impact our use and implementation of information technologies. This issue’s Business Tech takes a look at some of these changes and makes some interesting (perhaps even controversial) predictions.

Automated Testing Part 3: Integration Testing

Part 1 of this series explained how “mainstream” technologies develop and use automated testing and makes the case for pulling MultiValue testing methodologies into the 21st century if we are to continue to be seen as a viable application development platform. Part 2 tackled the topic of the Unit Test and how we might implement it in a well structured MultiValue solution. This article moves on to the topic of Integration Testing — do all the pieces fit together and work properly?

Building A Mobile Application With O4W – Part 3

Part 1 demonstrated how to build a simple display form using the O4W APIs Part 2 took that same routine and enhanced it to provide more interactivity, user input, and advanced interface elements. The concluding Part 3 shows how to process the entered user data.