D3 ODBC Server Setup - On-Demand

Why use ODBC?

ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) is an old and mature technology that is used by many tools that need access to external data.

While the API does not provide you speedy access to your data, it does provide you access that programs like Word, Excel, PHP, JDBC, MOYB, .NET, and thousands more other applications.

Pit falls of ODBC and MultiValue.

ODBC is based around the SQL Query and update Language. As we know, MultiValue Data structures generally don't conform to the traditional Normalized data structures.

Make your existing MultiValue data conform to Normalized SQL data structures is usually the greatest challenge, and something you will have to take some time planning.

ODBC Conformance:

ODBC API Versions Support:

  • Core API
  • Level 1 API
  • Level 2 API - Limited

SQL Grammar supported:

  • Create Table, Drop Table
  • Select, Insert, Update Searched, and Delete Searched
  • Simple Expressions

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Using the ODBC server inactivity timeout feature on D3/NT 7.4.4.